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Yacht Security Services

Yacht Security Services

Yacht Security services provided by Securit24 are carried out to a high standard of security allowing owners, families, guests and crew to conduct their yachting itinerary or stay in ports with peace of mind regarding both their personal safety and the security of the yacht and its contents.

The characteristics and security requirements for each VIP assignment are different: the number of people to be protected, their cultural expectations, their customs and habits on board, as well as the size of the Yacht; all contribute to influencing and tailoring the way security is provided in the Yacht.

Securit24 Yacht Security service teams are specifically trained to adapt their attitude to these differences. We are able to organize, implement and supervise on-board and dockside security services for yachts and ships of all sizes. The security requirements and demands for a commercial cruise ship with thousands of passengers on board differ from those of a private yacht where a number of people limited to family and friends or a group of company executives will generally be present.

Securit24 Yacht Security Service operates to a high standard of operational excellence and can easily adapt to the nature of the risk and threat whether it is a cruise ship with a high density of guests or a smaller vessel with a limited number of passengers and families.

We know how to recognise and adapt our terms of intervention with the strictest respect for privacy and the most scrupulous observance of the rules of engagement. Securit24 staff are able to recognise the fundamental differences between these scenarios and realise that the nature of the service must be adapted and tailored to the particular needs and circumstances.

We have experienced personnel, mainly with previous military experience, who carry out periodic theoretical, technical and tactical training phases, perfectly combining and integrating the experience of the resources employed with the technologies used.

Securit24 Yacht Security service can also provide adequate assistance and effective protection to passengers wishing to go ashore during a cruise. Our Yacht Security services are aimed at people in a variety of fields; from celebrities to company directors, entrepreneurs, sports personalities, politicians, diplomats or simply for those who need to feel safer on board their yacht.

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